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Turbo Fruiter (5-5-10) +T/E +Mg +Fe more >

Turbo Fruiter (5-5-10) +T/E +Mg +Fe

Turbo Fruiter Another granular fertiliser, Proctors Turbo Fruiter has been specially formulated to pack more bulk into your tree fruits, bush berries etc.

Containing magnesium and T/E, Turbo Fruiter also contains iron which is essential for healthy plants. Symptoms of iron deficiency include leaves turning yellow or brown in the middle and between the veins, but also result in poor fruit quality and quantity. Any plant can be affected, but raspberries and pears are particularly susceptible.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.
Super Shrubber (5-19-10) +T/E more >

Super Shrubber (5-19-10) +T/E

Super Shrubber Just by looking at the phosphate and potash levels found in Proctors Super Shrubber, there's no mistaking how it got its name.

This specially designed granular fertiliser for shrubs makes the world of difference to every border. With just the right amount of nitrogen (too much and your plants will look lush and green, but will struggle to fruit and flower), the higher phosphate and potash levels will sustain shrubs throughout the year, providing true healthy growth.    Buy Now

Application rate:70/140g sq. m.
Growmore 7-7-7 more >

Growmore 7-7-7

Growmore Developed after World War 2, it was probably the most well-known general all-purpose fertiliser in the market place.

An easy to spread mineral based granular fertiliser, it can be applied as a top dressing all around the garden on flowers, fruit & vegetables or under mulches.

Growmore is a balanced fertiliser containing equal levels of the three most important plant nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorous & potassium.   Buy Now

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Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6) more >

Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6)

Blood, Fish & Bone This organic based powder fertiliser, is an excellent alternative to Growmore.

Also a balanced fertiliser, it can be applied in much the same way and is widely used as a top dressing on lawns, flowers and vegetables. However, the nutrients in BFB are slower to release, excellent when a long term feed is required.

Digging into the soil before planting or mixing in with your compost, BFB is the multi-purpose organic fertiliser.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m or metre run applied in the seed bed or for initial top dressing. A further 70g per sq. m is recommended during flowering.
Sulphate of Potash (0-0-50) more >

Sulphate of Potash (0-0-50)

Sulphate of Potash

Another straight fertiliser, this product is very soluble and fast acting, adding essential Potash to soils and composts. SOP helps improve the quality of fruits and flowers and strengthens plant resistance to disease and inclement weather. Symptoms of Potash deficiency can be poor flowering and fruit sets, as well as the leaves turning yellow around the margins which eventually will become brown and burnt. Severe cases show leaf spotting and scorch of foliage.             Buy Now

Application rate:50g sq. m. Dig in well.

Single Superphosphate (0-18-0) more >

Single Superphosphate (0-18-0)

Single Superphosphate Made by the action of sulphuric acid on raw rock phosphate (also called Appatite) this is one of the world's most important fertilisers, and probable one of the oldest inorganic ones. Partly soluble and a usable form of phosphorous by plants, it must be well dug in. Ideal for feeding root vegetables such as carrots and beetroot, it also assists in seed germination. Use in soils containing a sufficiency of lime so as not to waste this valuable nutrient through poor plant uptake.     Buy Now

Application rate:70g sq. m. Dig in well.
Magnesium Sulphate + MgO + SO4 more >

Magnesium Sulphate + MgO + SO4

Magnesium Sulphate Also known as Epsom salts, MgO is necessary for the colouring of leaves. Heavy rain will readily wash MgO out of light soils and can also be low when potash or high-potassium fertilisers have been used. MgO deficiency can affect vegetables like cabbages, lettuces and potatoes, fruit such as apples, cherries and grapes. Leaves turn yellow between veins and around the edges, and may eventually turn red, purple or brown. Apply as a foliar spray or spread over the soil.     Buy Now

Application rate:17g sq. m. Rake in well.
Kieserite more >


Dried Blood

Kieserite, permitted as an organic nutrient source by the European Commission Regulation, is an earth mineral mined from naturally occurring marine deposits. Chemically known as magnesium sulphate monohydrate, it provides soluble sources of both Magnesium and Sulphur for plant nutrition, and is not effected by, or effects, soil ph. Essential for healthy leaves and photosynthesis, a deficiency in magnesium is common in tomatoes, apples, grape vines, raspberries, roses and rhododendrons.

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Application rate:

Flowers and Vegetables: prior to sowing or planting, ?????

As top dressing for established plants: ???????

Shrubs and Trees: as a top dressing in spring, ????? applied evenly over the area covered by the branch spread.

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