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Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6) more >

Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6)

Blood, Fish & Bone This organic based powder fertiliser, is an excellent alternative to Growmore.

Also a balanced fertiliser, it can be applied in much the same way and is widely used as a top dressing on lawns, flowers and vegetables. However, the nutrients in BFB are slower to release, excellent when a long term feed is required.

Digging into the soil before planting or mixing in with your compost, BFB is the multi-purpose organic fertiliser.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m or metre run applied in the seed bed or for initial top dressing. A further 70g per sq. m is recommended during flowering.
Hoof & Horn (13.5-0-0) more >

Hoof & Horn (13.5-0-0)

Hoof & Horn This 100% organic fertiliser is a by-product of the meat processing industry, and as such may not be for the squeamish. However, it is one of the better organic nitrogen fertilisers, and contains a nice dash of phosphorous to boot. With a slow natural release of nitrogen, some immediately available with the rest continuing to release over 4-5 months, it is perfect for use under glass as well as also being used as an ingredient in other fertilisers such as John Innes Base.     Buy Now

Application rate:100g sq. m. Dig in well.
Bone Meal (4-20-0) more >

Bone Meal (4-20-0)

Bone Meal A traditional source of nitrogen and phosphate derived from animal waste, it's a popular versatile organic product for use on bulbs, shrubs, planting of trees and as a dressing on vegetables and plots. The nitrogen becomes available over a week or two of microbial action, and the phosphate is almost as available to crops as that of superphosphate. Don't be put off by this product's strong smell, as this gritty powder fertiliser is excellent for all round the garden.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m. Dig in well.
Dried Blood (12-0-0) more >

Dried Blood (12-0-0)

Dried Blood You've probably guessed it, another by-product of the meat industry. If you want organic though, then this is one of the most effective organic fertiliser around. Solid rapid release of nitrogen is achieved, despite its low solubility, due to small particle size and easy decomposition after application. Especially beneficial when growing leaf crops such as lettuce, spinach and cabbages, it also makes an excellent top dressing for foliage plants in the green house and conservatory. Buy Now

Application rate:100g sq. m.
Calcified Seaweed Meal more >

Calcified Seaweed Meal

Dried Blood The cycle created by this organic fertiliser is a significant reason for its importance.

Quickly colonized by bacteria living in soil, they feed off the huge reservoirs of calcium, nitrogen and phosphorus available in the seaweed, enriching the soil quality. The fertiliser nutrients are also transferred directly to the root structures of plants, making calcified seaweed doubly effective as a fertiliser product.

Plants need nutrients beyond calcium, nitrogen and phosphorous, such as iron and carbon, and with additional trace elements, calcified seaweed can provide it all.

Notable for its flexibility, calcified seaweed not only regulates the ph. of your soil, but it can also be used throughout the calendar year.     Buy Now

Application rate:75g sq. m.
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