Shipping & Returns


    • All orders have a £5.94 including VAT delivery charge regardless of quantity.
    • Bag orders over 10 bags may be delivered on non-returnable pallets using a truck with a tail lift and pallet truck. 
    • Placing a larger order is a more cost effective way to purchase your fertiliser, our pricing reflects savings on multiple 5kg tub and 20kg bag orders. For example; x1 bag of Blood, Fish & Bone 20kg is £26.66 delivered, if you order x2 bags the price is £23.69 delivered per bag and x3 bags is £22.70 delivered per bag.
      That's almost 15% saving.
    • All bulk bag orders of 25 or 50 bags are delivered on non-returnable pallets, and the delivery charge is included in the price.
    • If stored correctly in a cool and dry place fertiliser should keep for 24 months.

      Please call us on 0117 311 1217 or e-mail 
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