Fertiliser for Small Holdings

Running a small holding can be incredibly rewarding, but getting the most out of a relatively small piece of land can be tough. The trick is making your fields work as efficiently as possible and getting the right fertiliser is the key.

Proctors provide superior products and expert advice to small holders all over the UK. No matter how big or small your patch of land, we can help make it productive. So whether you’re growing fruit and veg or providing grazing space for animal husbandry, Proctors fertiliser can make the difference. 

You can buy Proctors fertilisers for your small holding direct from our online shop or by giving us a call on 0117 311 1217. For more information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

Get better yields from your fields

Different crops need specific nutrients to achieve the best results, so we offer a full range of organic fertilisers and conventional fertilisers perfect for almost all types of crops.

With so many different products and conflicting advice out there, making the right choices can be a nightmare. We are happy to share our expertise so you can pick the perfect fertiliser for your small holding.

Bespoke fertiliser blends to match your needs

We know off-the-shelf fertilisers don’t always meet your exact requirements, which is why we offer customer fertiliser blends. Whatever application you have in mind, we can create a bespoke fertiliser to provide the perfect balance of nutrients for your plants.

Please note, we require a one tonne minimum order for custom fertiliser blends.

Every small holding is different with its own unique soil conditions. Understanding your soil, especially its pH, lets you pick the best crops for your land and the fertilisers you need to compensate for any nutrient deficiencies.

Proctors soil sampling kits cost just £15 and allow you to collect a soil sample and post it to us for independent testing. We’ll pass on the results, usually within 8 working days, and help you make the right choices for your unique growing conditions.

Take advantage of our expertise

Proctors has been supplying farmers for over 200 years, so we know a thing or two about getting a great crop of fruit and veg or creating perfect grazing conditions for your animals. Whatever type of farming you do, Proctors fertilisers can help make your small holding more productive.

To find the perfect fertiliser for your small holding, head over to our online shop or give Proctors a call on 0117 311 1217. If you need further information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

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