I have 3 x sizeable lawns and have run into trouble in the past due to uneven distribution of various lawn products, after guidance from yourselves and using only Proctors products the lawns are now recovered and looking pretty good. Thanks for your advice and help.

Clive, South West Wales

I used to order from you when I worked on a farm growing vegetables, so when I bought my house with a great big garden I decided to buy your products from you directly in one large lot. I now live in a smaller house and grow vegetables in raised beds; I’d been ordering my fertilisers from Amazon but have not been very pleased with the products. I was worried about ordering from you directly and I’m very pleased that I can buy direct from you in small tubs. My order was delivered today I am very pleased with the time it took to get here, and with my order. Thank you very much.

E. Kennedy

Thought you might like to see a good Proctors fed lawn.

A. Gloak, Somerset

Thank you so much for your super-prompt and extremely clear and helpful response. It tells me exactly what I need to know, and I shall order your product consequently.

Before buying I do tend to research things, and contact companies for details quite often, and the usual response shows that the querie hasn't been read properly, with the result that I'm lucky to receive a vague answer to one of my questions. It's so unexpected to receive such a full and satisfying response.

Helen S.

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