Fine Turf, Sports Ground and Golf Course Fertiliser

Do you need turf that’s hardy enough to look great and provide a good playing surface all year round? Proctors sports turf fertiliser has the perfect blend of nutrients to keep your grass match fit at all times.

Not sure which fertiliser you need?

Using a generic grass fertiliser can be a mistake for sports pitches. The unique requirements of sports turf mean you will get much better results with a nutrient blend tailored to the exact requirements of your sport and soil type. Proctors range of sports ground fertilisers and fine turf fertilisers include the perfect products for every type of sports ground. Whatever your requirements, we have the solutions you need to get your turf into tip top condition.

Get grass that’s fit for purpose

Having been in the business for over 200 years, Proctors have been supplying sports ground fertiliser ever since compound fertilisers were first used on sports pitches.  These days we supply everyone from premier rugby grounds like Bath Rugby through to small local clubs looking to make the best of their pitches on a limited budget. We have the products, expertise and personal touch needed to make a success of any sized pitch programme.

Tailored products for every situation

We have bespoke blends for everything from rugby pitches and tennis courts to bowling greens and polo fields. We can also create custom blends for your exact requirements and soil conditions.

We offer a soil testing service for larger customers, or supply DIY soil testing kits on our website. This allows us to access the exact conditions at your site meaning we can find the perfect blend of nutrients for your specific requirements.

Get the turf you need

Proctors is one of the UK’s leading specialists in sports turf and fine turf nutrition, meaning we advise you on how to get the most out of your grass whatever your application. Whether you need harder wearing turf, faster recovery times between matches or simply grass that looks pitch perfect, we have the solution you need.

If your organisation needs truly first class grass, head over to our online shop or give Proctors a call on 0117 311 1217. If you need further information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

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