Soil Sampling for Fine Turf, Golf and Sportsgrounds

Getting the perfect turf for your sportsground, golf club or other amenity is a constant challenge, but one that can be made much easier by understanding the growing conditions you are working with.

Proctors’ soil sampling service for all fine turf applications allows you to understand key issues affecting your soil, including its pH and any nutrient deficiencies. These can significantly influence the way your turf grows, so knowing what’s going on beneath the surface is absolutely vital!

With our fast, cost-effective sampling service we can diagnose any issues that may be preventing your turf from reaching its full potential. We can then recommend the best products to help remedy any problems as well as more general advice on improving your soil.

You can buy Proctors’ full range of fertilisers for fine turf, golf and sportsgrounds direct from our online shop or by calling us on 0117 311 1217. For more information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

How it works

We want everyone to be able to benefit from our soil sampling service which is why we’ve kept the process as simple, cost-effective and hassle-free as possible.

Here’s how it works:

1) You order a soil sampling kit from us for just £15.
2) We post the kit to you and you collect a sample from the target area.
3) You use the prepaid envelope provided to post your sample to an independent lab.
4) They test your sample and get the results back to you within 8 working days.

Once you have your results, we then can then advise you on the best products for your unique soil conditions. We can also offer additional guidance, such as which grass species are best suited to your soil conditions and objectives.

Superior products backed by expert advice

With over 200 years’ experience helping people get unbeatable turf, whatever the application, Proctors knows a thing or two about grass. We supply everyone from local sports teams to Bath Rugby Club helping people find the perfect fertiliser to get their grass match fit, whatever their requirements or budget.

To find the ideal fertiliser for your fine turf, golf club or sportsground, head to our online shop or give Proctors a call on 0117 311 1217. For further information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

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Soil Testing Service

Instructions on how to take your soil test, sample bag, and pre-paid envelope to send sample direct to independent lab. Test is for Phosphate, Potash, Magnesium and pH. Results and recommendations are then sent via email.
£32.00 incl VAT
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