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Proctors is one the UK’s leading specialists in lawn care, with a wide variety of products to help you get the most out of your grass. Whether you need to get rid of moss, put an end to persistent weeds or just want your grass a little greener, we have the solution you need.

Our range of products provide everything your grass needs to look its best right throughout the year. We have specially formulated lawn fertiliser for both spring/summer and autumn/winter applications, giving your turf the right balance of nutrients to cope with our variable climate.

We offer a highly effective feed, weed and moss killer designed to help quickly turn a moss-ridden patch of grass into prime quality turf. Our lawn sand will also help treat moss problems, while attacking weeds and helping to green up your grass.

For pony-lovers, we also offer a pony paddock fertiliser which will keep your grass healthy and is totally safe for your animals. We also have Proctors Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed, which is ideal for paddocks, containing all the plant hormones needed for healthy disease resistant grass, without excessive top growth.

At Proctors, we have been getting the best out of grass for over two hundred years. This experience allows us to design the very best products on the market. To find out more about how each product can benefit your grass, read the individual sections below.

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Spring/Summer Lawn Feed (11-5-5) +Fe +MgO

Spring & Summer Lawn Feed

Designed for all types of grass, our Spring/Summer feed is both easy and safe to use. It comes in a mini-granular form, making it easy to apply while providing good coverage.

Our specially formulated mix of nutrients will get your lawn looking lush and vibrant. The addition of magnesium oxide helps to replenish magnesium levels in the soil, ensuring this essential nutrient is available for the production of chlorophyll which allows your grass to photosynthesise and gives it its green colour.

Application rate: 35g/m²
Lawn Sand (4.0.0) + Fe more >
Autumn/Winter Lawn Feed (3-10-5) more >
Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer (7-2-3) +3.5% Fe more >
Pony Paddock Fertiliser (5.5-8-6) more >
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