Conventional Lawn Fertiliser

Proctors offers a full range of conventional lawn fertilisers designed for all types of grass to give you a superior lawn right throughout the year.

We offer fertilisers tailored to give your lawn exactly what it needs at different times of the year as well as products to deal with specific issues such as moss and weeds.

You can buy Proctors’ full range of fertilisers direct from our online shop or by calling us on 0117 311 1217. For more information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

What is conventional fertiliser?

Conventional fertilisers are man-made products designed with a specific balance of nutrients for the intended application. They are highly effective, fast-acting and are ideal for situations where a tailored approach is needed. This includes dealing with particular nutrient deficiencies and providing the right nutrients plants need at certain times of year.

Proctors’ conventional fertilisers are offered in micro-granular form making them easy to apply either by hand or with a fertiliser spreader and offering excellent coverage.

Some people prefer to use only fertilisers produced entirely from natural sources, which is why Proctors offer a full range of organic fertilisers. For lawns, we offer Proctors Cold Pressed Liquid Seaweed which is both organic and highly effective.

Superior products backed by expert advice

Proctors has been providing grass fertiliser throughout the UK for over 200 years. We supply everyone from domestic gardeners to Bath Rugby Club. Our experience means our products have been refined to an unbeatable quality and gives us the expertise to offer the very best advice.

To buy conventional lawn fertiliser or any of our other products, head to our online shop or give Proctors a call on 0117 311 1217. For further information, please call us or fill out our contact form for a quick response.

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