Fertilisers for Veg, Fruit and Flowers

When used responsibly and in the correct amounts, fertilisers like the ones we stock at Proctors can really help your vegetables, fruit and flowers flourish within your garden. They can promote healthy leaf growth as well as encouraging the formation of strong root systems, so that you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labours (literally). We have a wide range of fertilisers available that will help your garden blossom in this way and so please browse the options below to see which is most appropriate.

From our organic options such as the blood, fish and bone fertiliser, to our turbo fruiter which aims to give you more yield of fruit, we have plenty of choices to help turn you into a confident and competent gardener.

Veg, fruit and flowers really can turn an ordinary garden into one which is full of beauty and colour. Choose one of these fertilisers today to transform your plot into a patch you can be proud of.

Growmore 7-7-7 more >

Growmore 7-7-7

Growmore Developed after World War 2, it was probably the most well-known general all-purpose fertiliser in the market place.

An easy to spread mineral based granular fertiliser, it can be applied as a top dressing all around the garden on flowers, fruit & vegetables or under mulches.

Growmore is a balanced fertiliser containing equal levels of the three most important plant nutrients; nitrogen, phosphorous & potassium.   Buy Now

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Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6) more >

Blood, Fish & Bone (5.5-8-6)

Blood, Fish & Bone This organic based powder fertiliser, is an excellent alternative to Growmore.

Also a balanced fertiliser, it can be applied in much the same way and is widely used as a top dressing on lawns, flowers and vegetables. However, the nutrients in BFB are slower to release, excellent when a long term feed is required.

Digging into the soil before planting or mixing in with your compost, BFB is the multi-purpose organic fertiliser.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m or metre run applied in the seed bed or for initial top dressing. A further 70g per sq. m is recommended during flowering.
Super Vegitator (Potato Fertiliser) (10-10-10) more >

Super Vegitator (Potato Fertiliser) (10-10-10)

Super Vegitator Perfect for the potato and vegetable grower.

Use Proctors Super Vegitator fertiliser to get the best quality out of your crop.

More commonly known as a potato fertiliser, it is an easy to spread mineral based granular product.

Potatoes are one of the greediest crops when it comes to nutrients. So for best results apply 135 grams per square metre dug in at the time of planting, followed by a top dressing of 65 grams per square metre when established.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.
Rose Food (3.5-6-11.7) more >

Rose Food (3.5-6-11.7)

Rose Food Well cared for roses will need regular feeding, especially at the beginning of the growing season. The fact that roses are normally pruned each year means that the nutrients required for beautiful blooms are removed permanently from the soil around the plant.

Proctors Rose Food is a well tried & tested product, which has been used by keen rose growers for many years.     Buy Now

A rich powder mixture of minerals and organics for fine blooms and healthy roots.

Application rate:35g per bush at intervals during flowering.
Bloomer Booster (6-6-8.5) +T/E +Mg more >

Bloomer Booster (6-6-8.5) +T/E +Mg

Bloomer Booster Proctors granular flower fertiliser has been specially formulated to give a good general feed to the entire garden, but in particular to produce remarkable flowers.

Bloomer Booster contains magnesium, which is essential so that the chlorophyll in the chloroplasts can capture the sun's light-energy used for photosynthesis. Also containing essential trace elements, this is the ultimate fertiliser for producing beautiful blooms for your garden or show.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.
Turbo Fruiter (5-5-10) +T/E +Mg +Fe more >

Turbo Fruiter (5-5-10) +T/E +Mg +Fe

Turbo Fruiter Another granular fertiliser, Proctors Turbo Fruiter has been specially formulated to pack more bulk into your tree fruits, bush berries etc.

Containing magnesium and T/E, Turbo Fruiter also contains iron which is essential for healthy plants. Symptoms of iron deficiency include leaves turning yellow or brown in the middle and between the veins, but also result in poor fruit quality and quantity. Any plant can be affected, but raspberries and pears are particularly susceptible.     Buy Now

Application rate:140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.
Compost Activator (Organic Based) more >

Organic Based Compost Activator

Organic Based Compost Activator Create your own nutrient rich compost with this gritty, organic based powder compost activator.

Produced from a mixture of quality ingredients, Proctors Compost Activator will reduce garden and non-cooked kitchen waste to valuable crumbly garden compost ready to use for mulching or digging in.

For best results, sprinkle the Compost Activator over the waste at a rate of approximately a good handful per sq yd / sq m, for every layer 6 to 8 inches / 15 to 20 cm in depth.     Buy Now

Application rate:Sprinkle on a good handful to a generous layer of garden debris about 6-8 inches in depth.
Super Shrubber (5-19-10) +T/E more >

Super Shrubber (5-19-10) +T/E

Super Shrubber Just by looking at the phosphate and potash levels found in Proctors Super Shrubber, there's no mistaking how it got its name.

This specially designed granular fertiliser for shrubs makes the world of difference to every border. With just the right amount of nitrogen (too much and your plants will look lush and green, but will struggle to fruit and flower), the higher phosphate and potash levels will sustain shrubs throughout the year, providing true healthy growth.    Buy Now

Application rate:70/140g sq. m.
John Innes Base (5-7.2-10) more >

John Innes Base (5-7.2-10)

John Innes Base This specialist fertiliser was developed by the John Innes Institute as a balanced fertiliser base for soil based composts.

Proctors John Innes Base is made today from both mineral and organic sources, including sulphate of potash and hoof & horn.

Use according to the recommendations of the institute, you can make JOHN INNES Number 1, 2, 3 and the seed compost. Please ask for details if you are interested in making your own JOHN INNES compost.     Buy Now

Application rate:As per the Institutes direction.
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