When to Feed your Lawn

To get the green and luscious lawn you desire, it is important that you give your grass all the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Not only do you need to do this by feeding your lawn fertiliser, you also need to feed it at the right time. Applying the wrong kind of fertiliser during the wrong time of year can actually be damaging, so follow our guide of when to feed your lawn.

Feeding your Lawn during Spring and Summer

From late March, you should be applying a spring and summer fertiliser to your lawn. Feed that is designed for use during spring and summer months contains high levels of nitrogen that encourages leaf growth and magnesium oxide, which will help make your lawn greener. Apply lawn feed when soil is moist, or rainfall is forecast, as this will help with absorption.

Our Spring & Summer Lawn Feed has been designed for all lawn types and should be applied at a rate of 35g per sq. m.

Spring and summer lawn feed can be used until August, but shouldn’t be used afterwards as high nitrogen content can produce leaves that are easily damaged by frost. Instead, from September onwards, gardeners should switch to an autumn and winter feed.

Photo by Ian T. McFarland / CC BY

Feeding your Lawn during Autumn and Winter

Some gardeners tend to neglect their lawns during the winter months, but feeding during the colder weather is as important as during the summer. Using a lawn care product that is high in phosphate will help keep roots healthy and reduce the risk of common lawn problems that occur during the spring.

Use Proctor’s Autumn & Winter Lawn Feed from September to help keep grass healthy at an application rate of 35g per sq. m.  

Consider your Environment

These are just guidelines for looking after your lawn. You may find that location and climate have a huge impact on how you need to tend your grass. If you’d like to know more about how to best tend your lawn, you can always use our Ask John service, fill in the form on our contact us page, or you can get in touch by calling 0117 311 1217.

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