When and How to Water Your Lawn

If your lawn is looking brown and patchy, don’t panic. Here are seven simple steps you can take to ensure that your lawn remains green and lush, or that it gets back to full health if it has gone a little downhill.

Only water your grass when it needs it

This may seem a little counterintuitive, but overwatering can damage your lawn and cause fungus to develop. While some types of grass require more water than others, the best way to judge is to observe your lawn closely. If it needs water it is likely to take on a blue-grey tint and start to wilt, with footprints remaining on the grass for longer than usual.

Get right to the roots

Rather than shallow watering sessions, which can encourage weed germination and affect the roots of your grass, make sure you penetrate the root zone each time. Dig a small hole to determine how far the roots go down. Turn on your sprinkler or hose for 15 minutes and after 24 hours check to see how far the water has penetrated. Adjust your watering times accordingly.

Start early

It is better to water your garden when it is cool, so that you can avoid evaporation, so try to do it first thing in the morning where possible. On really hot days the water in your hose may heat up, which is not good for your lawn and could even cause scalding in extreme cases.

Position sprinklers carefully

Make sure your sprinklers reach the whole lawn without too much water being wasted on the driveway or street. If there is still water running into the street, restrict the use of your sprinklers to avoid waste and overwatering.

Make the most of natural rain

We are blessed with an abundance of rain in the UK, so make the most of it. Turn your sprinklers off on wet days, and possibly even the following day if the rain has been heavy.

Take note of trouble spots

If there are areas that always seem to be brown, water these parts by hand and spend more time on them than you would in other areas.

Invest in a water butt

As well as being more economical with the water you use, why not buy a container that will store water when it rains so that you can use it for your lawn?

How Proctors can help

 One of the best ways to ensure that your grass remains healthy is to use high-quality lawn fertiliser. Proctors is a family-run business that has been supplying fertiliser for more than 200 years. Our specialist lawn care products include, Lawn sand, Lawn Feed, weed and moss killer, ‘Cold pressed’ Liquid Seaweed, and many other seasonal products. Our range includes fertilisers for vegetables, fruits and flowers and a variety of straight and organic fertilisers such as sulphate of iron, sulphate of potash and bone meal.

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