The Correct Way to Mow Your Lawn

For those of us who take pride in the having the perfect patch of grass gracing the outside of our home, working out just the right lawn care regime is vital. Although there are numerous aspects to consider, one of the most fundamental is cutting your grass. There is much more to proper mowing technique than simply running back and forth across the lawn with your mower as quickly as possible, so here are our tips for getting the perfect cut.

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How often you mow your lawn will depend on the time of year, weather and the specific growing conditions of your garden. As a general rule, you should only be cutting your grass between March and October and it’s important to leave your lawn alone if it is wet or covered in frost.

During spring and autumn you will generally need to mow once a week, whereas in summer you may want to up this to twice a week. Ultimately it all depends on how fast your grass is growing, but more than twice a week not give your grass enough time to recover between cuts.

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What height to set your mower is largely up to your preference, however regularly cutting your grass too short can lead to weak growth and shallow roots, leaving your lawn vulnerable to weeds, moss and drying out. Likewise, leaving your grass too long may result in sparse grass that does not form a dense, solid surface.

When cutting your grass for the first time each year, leave the mower on its highest setting, then gradually work down to your desired height. This prevents you from removing too much of each plant’s growth in one go which can damage your grass. Grass can generally be cut anywhere from around 5-40mm high, although if you are aiming for short grass it is important to make sure you use an appropriate blend of grass species such as agrostis a.k.a. bent grass. A shorter lawn will also be more prone to drying out, so will need more regularly watering and be less resistant to drought.

No matter how expertly you mow your lawn, it will never look its best without the right nutrition. Our range of top quality lawn care products includes everything you need to keep your lawn in peak condition right throughout the year. To find out more, head over to our online shop or give us a call on 0117 311 1217.

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