Six Essential Steps to Prepare Your Lawn for Winter

Making the right preparations for winter is vital if you want your lawn to be in good shape come the spring. Fail to take the right steps now and you could be left with an uphill struggle next year to get your grass back into decent condition. Follow these six steps to give your lawn the best chance of a healthy start next spring:



As the days get shorter and less sunny, it’s important to let your grass grab as much sunlight as possible. Help this process by raising the cutting height of your mower by at least a centimetre above what you would normally use in the spring and summer. The longer grass will then have a greater surface area for absorbing vital sunlight.


Inevitably at this time of year our lawns tend to get covered in leaves from surrounding trees and bushes. These need to be removed as otherwise they will prevent sunlight getting to the grass underneath while trapping excess moisture in the soil, which can lead to the growth of damaging parasites. Make sure you rake regularly to remove any such debris and help keep your lawn healthy.



It’s easy for lawns to get compacted and waterlogged at this time of year, so aeration is really important. Using an aeration tool or hollow-tined fork you need to make plenty of holes in the lawn’s surface at regular intervals. This will improve the soil’s drainage and allow air and nutrients to reach the grass roots under the surface which is necessary for them to grow healthily.


Now is the ideal time to seed over any bare patches on your lawn as the ground will be moister than during the summer, but still relatively warm. This provides the ideal conditions for seeds to germinate and, as weeds grow slower at this time of year, there will be less competition for space and nutrients making it easier for your new grass to establish itself.

Top dressing

One of the best ways to improve your lawn is by improving the quality of the soil it grows in. This can be achieved by spreading high quality loam or sand-based material across the surface of the lawn as it will then gradually become incorporated into the underlying soil. This can also help you smooth out any dips or holes in the lawn’s surface, improving the appearance of your lawn.


One of the most important ways to prepare your grass for winter is by applying a good quality autumn lawn feed. This will stimulate healthy root growth, making your lawn more robust and better able to cope with the harsh winter conditions. It will also make sure there are plenty of nutrients available in the soil ready to support new growth in the spring.

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