How to Prepare your Lawn for Spring

Winter is on its way out for another year and it’s time to start thinking about preparing your lawn for spring. Your lawn is already starting to grow and it needs care and attention if it’s to grow into a lush green turf.

We’re always looking to help you get the most out of your lawn, so we’ve come up with some ideas below:

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Tidy up your Lawn

If you didn’t tidy up at the end of autumn, rake up the dead leaves and detritus left over from autumn and winter. Not only does it give your garden a tidier feel, but you can also use the vegetation for mulch around your shrubs and trees.

Remember to take care which rake you use, however. A heavy steel rake will end up damaging your lawn’s root system and is counter-productive. Use a light, leaf rake to pick up your leaves and pick up anything else by hand. Raking is also important as it should loosen the soil surface and let some healthy air in to the soil.

Applying mulch around the base of your plants is an important step that helps prevent moisture evaporating from the soil.  This practice also discourages weeds, which compete for vital nutrients needed by your plants.

Sharpen Up!

A sharp lawnmower blade is a healthy blade. Sharpening your blade decreases the amount of time spent on mowing and also minimises the damage to your lawn. A dull blade will rip the head off of a blade of grass, leaving it prone to disease; whereas a sharp blade will cut the grass cleanly and improve its rate of recovery.

You should be aiming to cut your lawn regularly, but never more than a third off the high at any one cutting. .  Regular cutting will activate and stimulate growth, however this should also be dependent on the weather. Remember to rake up any leaves before mowing the lawn.

Spring Nutrient Tonic

If your lawn has taken a hit from the excess rain or cold, you may need to be sprinkling a new layer of grass seed.  Apply a pre-seeder fertiliser a week before seeding, so that the new grass get the best start. Proctors SG6 Pre-seed has been specially formulated to give new grass the best start, with all the main nutrients, but particularly high in Phosphate for healthy roots.

When it comes to the start of March, one must always remember to sprinkle lawn sand. Lawn sand is important because of its iron content. Lawn sand is doubly important as it helps control moss and feeds the grass, leading to a much healthier lawn come the summer.

We have all of the lawn care products you need for your lawn this spring. If you have any questions about what product you should be using for your lawn or allotment, why not contact us for more details?

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