How to Improve Your Lawn Surface

With spring hopefully around the corner, it’s a good time to start thinking about what you want to achieve in your garden this year. One way to make a big impact is by tidying up your lawn. Getting the perfect patch of grass involves a number of different techniques, but a sensible place to start is making sure you have a good surface to work with. Here’s how to solve some of the most common issues.


If there are any raised areas in your lawn it’s a good idea to flatten them out. Not only will this make your lawn look better, it will also make it easier to mow. Using a piece of string between two pegs or a long, straight piece of timber, establish exactly how far above the rest of the lawn the bump is.

You can then use a spade to skim off the raised area leaving you with a bare patch of earth, level with the rest your lawn, which you can reseed. Alternatively, use your spade (or for larger areas, a turf cutting machine) to lift the turf in the raised area. Dig out enough of the underlying soil so that you can then relay the turf you removed and be left with a level surface.


Like bumps, hollows not only ruin the look your grass, they also make mowing harder. Again, there are two main approaches you can take. Firstly, you can simply fill any dips with top soil until the affected area is level with the rest of the lawn, making sure to tamp the new soil down until it is firm, and reseed.

If you want to preserve the existing grass, you will need to lift it in the same way you would for a bump. You can then add extra top soil, tamp it down and relay the old turf. For small hollows try making a H shaped cut in the lawn over the hollow, then using your spade to peel back the turf into two flaps. Add top soil, compress and then fold the turf back into place.


One area that can make a really big difference is tidying up the edges of your lawn. Adding a mowing strip using narrow slabs, paving blocks or similar will give a nice definition to the edge of your grass. It will also prevent the edges looking ragged and allow you to mow all the way up to the edge of the lawn, making it easy to achieve an even look across the whole area.

Once you have a nice level surface to work with, the next step is to improve the quality of your grass. Our range of lawn care products will help you do just that, giving you the kind of superior grass which will stay looking good year after year.

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