How to Apply Lawn Fertiliser

If you want a lawn that’s the envy of all your friends and neighbours, using a high-quality lawn fertiliser is a must. However, it’s not just the type of fertiliser you pick that matters, how you apply it can also make a big difference. There are various methods of application and which you use will depend on exactly what you want to achieve.

Top dressing

If you have an established lawn, this is the most common way to apply your fertiliser. As the name suggest, top dressing involves applying granular fertiliser to the top surface of your lawn. This is best used with a quick-acting lawn feed and is ideal in early spring as it provides a fast hit of nutrients to kick-start your grass’s growth for the year.

Base dressing

If you are laying or seeding a new lawn or fixing patches of bare earth, base dressing is a good option. This involves incorporating fertiliser into the soil before sowing grass seed or laying turf. This helps the nutrients get directly to the plants’ roots where they are needed.

Watering on

Dissolving your fertiliser in water or buying a liquid lawn feed can seem like a good choice. It makes your lawn feed quick and easy to apply and gets nutrients into the soil and down to your grass roots fast. However, a lot of your fertiliser will end up on the foliage of your grass where it can cause scorching. It can also be harder to control the dosage you are applying, making it easy to overfeed your grass which can cause as many problems as underfeeding. We feel that using a dry, mini-granular fertiliser is the best option for lawns and do not generally recommend using liquid feeds.

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