Controlled vs slow release fertiliser

Tailoring the fertiliser you use to your grass requirements can really improve the condition of your lawn. Fast-release fertilisers can sometimes run the risk of the common ‘feast or famine’ situation as they are easy to apply in excess and can be washed away quickly.

Slow release and controlled fertilisers, however, are both nutrient-rich but work in different ways to nurture your grass over longer periods of time. Choosing one over the other will depend on the needs of your lawn, so here’s a brief guide to help you pick.

Controlled release fertiliser

These are typically inorganic fertilisers that are coated with a resin and chemical release agent, hence they are otherwise named ‘coated fertiliser’. They are usually in a granular form and when water enters the granule, the fertilisers leach out. They are also designed to leach faster when the soil is warmer. This means that the fertiliser matches the increased need for plant nutrition, as plants grow faster in warmer weather.

Slow release fertiliser

For slow release fertilisers, there are a few factors that affect the release of the nutrients such as soil moisture, temperature, pH, organic matter and microbial activity. This means that the nutrient release is less predictable but lasts much longer. They tend to be organic such as hoof and horn, poultry manure pellets and bone meal. These have a natural slow release as they must be broken down by microbial activity before the nutrients leach. Inorganic options are available and are graded by their WIN percentage, which means water insoluble nitrogen. The higher the WIN, the more the release is dependent on bacterial activity in the soil.

Both controlled release and slow release fertilisers keep your lawn well-nourished for up to several months and are ideal for those wanting to let the lawn take care of itself. If you are looking for the best lawn fertiliser for you, then Proctors can help. We’ve been perfecting lawns since 1812 so can help with any fertiliser query. For advice or information on any of our specialised products, please give us a ring on 0117 311 1217 or you can Ask John.

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