Super Vegitator (Potato fertiliser) (10-10-10)

Perfect for the potato and vegetable grower.

Use Proctors Super Vegitator fertiliser to get the best quality out of your crop.

More commonly known as a potato fertiliser, it is an easy to spread mineral based granular product.

Potatoes are one of the greediest crops when it comes to nutrients. So for best results apply 135 grams per square metre dug in at the time of planting, followed by a top dressing of 65 grams per square metre when established.

Application rate: 140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.

Actual packaging may vary. Images are provided for illustrative purposes only.

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Pick & Mix Orders

This product is available for delivery as part of a mixed commodity order. Minimum order of one tonne (50 x 20kg bags)
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