Handy hints for growing perfect vegtables

  • Practice a three-year rotation of crops to achieve bumper yields, avoid a build-up of root pests and diseases and make full use of manures and fertilisers.
  • Sow seeds in spring when soil temperature is above 10°C (50°F) and you can rake it to a crumbly tilth.
  • Work in Proctors Growmore and Blood, Fish & Bone fertiliser before sowing or planting to speed up growth and encourage weighty and early yields.
  • Shield early sowings from cold winds, heavy rain and pests by covering them with plastic tunnel cloches or polypropylene film.
  • Work in soil insecticide before sowing if wireworms, milipedes and other soil pests are a problem.
  • Thin lettuce, spinach and seakale beet seedings early, and at intervals, before they jostle for space and grow weak and leggy.
  • Enrich the soil with Proctors Garden and Potato fertiliser where root crops are to be grown.
  • Hoe regularly to behead seedling weeds before they emerge
  • Water freely in dry weather to encourage robust growth, and conserve soil moisture by spreading black plastic or 3" of garden compost or old manure between rows.
  • Harvest crops at their prime;
    • Peas and beans when pods are full but seeds bulge through.
    • Sweetcorn when kernels are filled with think creamy juce.
    • Beetroot before they are cricket ball sized.
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