Slug Pellets 5 litre Tub

Granular slug control barrier: Suitable for organic gardening, absorbs the mucus of slugs and snails, non toxic, forms a physical barrier.
£5.88 incl VAT

A natural granular product, which prevents slugs and snails gaining access to protected plants by absorbing their mucus, preventing further movement.

It can be used to protect individual plants, containerised plants or complete flower beds and will last the whole growing season.

To be applied at the first signs of slug activity, or immediately after planting susceptible crops, by building around the base of the plant/area a barrier of granules, 5cm wide and 2/3 granules high. Rebuild the barrier whenever the protective band is disturbed.

This natural product is suitable for use in organic systems, and when it has fulfilled its primary function can be dug into the garden to improve the soil structure and its nutrient and moisture-holding capacity.

It is diatomaceous earth which works by absorbing the slug/snail’s mucus and also as an irritant to the slug/snail’s foot.

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